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Poor health causes poverty, undermines development and prevents people living full and productive lives.

People with ill health are less able to withstand emergencies or maintain a secure livelihood.

Governments in poorer countries must invest in healthcare and international donors must fulfil their commitments to improve global health.

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Them and us? Discrimination as a barrier to good health for all

This film, one of a series commissioned, editorially controlled and produced by Guardian Films, looks at how homophobia and hatred of gay people in Kenya has a negative impact on the health of the wider community. In what for many will be a challenging film, we hear from an Anglican minister - as well as gay rights and HIV activists - that everybody has the right to good health, no matter what the personal views of others are.

Regardless of sexual preference, we know that poverty and ill health are clearly linked. Click the button below to help determine what happens next.

Thandanani and Nosipho Zuma

Case Study

More people are living with HIV in South Africa than anywhere else in the world. Children are bearing the brunt of the epidemic, with nearly two million orphans now living in the country. Thandanani Children's Foundation runs Therapeutic Weekends to help orphaned children to deal with their grief, share their experiences and feel less alone.

These weekends also provide an important opportunity to assess what further support or protection the children may need. Hear Nosipho speaking about the difference Thandanani is making in KwaZulu Natal to the lives of some of South Africa's young orphans.