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Conflict generates poverty. It threatens livelihoods and liberty, and forces people to flee their homes.

Most conflicts happen within countries, not between them, and the most vulnerable suffer the most.

The global community must support peace-keeping and peace-building. It must include the poor in the process of building capable states.

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Conflict: audiovisual slideshow

Awardwinning journalist and radio documentary maker Angela Robson talks to Christian Aid's Eric Gutierrez about how conflict both causes - and perpetuates - poverty around the world.


Blessed are the Peacemakers

Case Study

'Blessed are the Peacemakers' is a short film about an Israeli mother and a Palestinian son, both of whom lost loved ones in the conflict, and yet come together through Christian Aid's partner Parents' Circle, to campaign for peace and reconciliation.

They visit 1,000 schools each year to speak to young people from both communities about their personal experiences and raise awareness about the long-term impact of the conflict.